Game overview

NetRunner is a retro style action-maze game. As one of the best hackers in the world you plug into a high-end computer, and try to get through to Gaia's mainframe, by steering an avatar and collecting the Overdrive Crystals through 50 different levels.

In every level main aim is to collect all the Overdrive Crystals before the time runs out. By picking them up you make progress in hacking the system.


  • Retro-style, arcade gameplay
  • Real challenge with a long hours of play
  • Non-linear game progress
  • 50 different levels to hack
  • 8 different types of enemies
  • 7 different powers to collect
  • String combo system that allows boost higscore up to the sky
  • Various trophies, for the best of the best!
  • Fast paced action
  • Animated comic intro, introducing the story