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Game overview

You are an intrepid treasure hunter. Stuck on a godforsaken island with some locals who haven't had a lunch yet! Wanna stay as a main course? No? So... RUN LIKE HELL!

Run Like Hell! is a frantically paced run-and-jump platformer - slide, climb, string, jump and crawl your way to safety as you are pursued by hungry looking savages with spears. Dash through ancient ruins, along nighttime jungle trails and sun-kissed beaches dodging obstacles as you go - every collision brings you a step closer to your doom... and their meal!


  • Three game modes: Endless, Story and Timetrials
  • Over 30 levels in story mode
  • Leaderboards, Achievements, Challenges
  • Colorful vibrant graphics and smooth animation
  • Varied locations: jungle, village, beach at sunset and more...
  • Collect coins to unlock other levels and additional game modes
  • Two seasonal Add-Ons included: Yeti Edition and Heartbreaker