Game overview

Tropical island + hungry cannibals = Run Like Hell!

You are a young and intrepid treasure hunter. Stuck on godforsaken island suddenly got spot by hungry cannibals who haven't had a lunch yet. Your rescue boat is... on the other side of an island, all you need to do is to outrun the natives. Simple, isn't it?


  • Jump, slide & climb on various obstacles
  • Get surprised in procedurally generated levels
  • Enjoy various & colorful locations & bonus YETI level
  • Boost your speed with Adrenaline
  • Slow down your pursuit with powerful power-ups
  • Run as far as possible in endless ARCADE mode
  • Challenge your friends in CHALLENGE mode
  • Top the rankings in ONLINE multiplayer
  • Unlock new characters like a Ninja or a Zombie
  • Complete 50 challenging objectives